Airport Professionals Experience Day

External Speakers

We kindly ask you for a bit of patience until we can present and publish the binding list of speakers. Good people are people in demand and people in demand always have a full agenda. You know that, don't you? So: We are working on it and will update this page as soon as we can.

Airport Professionals

Airport Professionals

Professionals from two different airports will give you practical insights on their experiences and learnings in regard of «autonomous driving» as well as of opportunities and threats in regard of data management and how it enables substantial performance improvement.


Dmitry Ersakovich
Deputy Director General | Vnukovo Airport (Moscow)

While Western politicians are currently discussing flight bans, many industrials are looking to the East, where aviation traffic in some regions is growing at double-digit rates. Dmitry shares with us his assessment of the challenges and priorities of Vnukovo airport and beyond.

Aviation Regulation

Expert on Aviation Regulation

Not only does autonomous driving involve complex regulatory issues, but other topics also present legal challenges. We give you an update on the current situation and on possible future scenarios and their probability of occurrence.

Stuttgart Airport

Flughafen Stuttgart on «Smart Fleet»


Stuttgart Airport plans to be the first airport in Germany to use autonomous apron vehicles – and launched for this purpose a project called «smart fleet». It is a joint project with multiple partners including the Aebi Schmidt Group. The first real operations are planned to start in 2022. The responsible managers will give a brief outline of «smart fleet» and the expectations associated with it.


Stephan Smets

Owner and CEO | Smets Technology  GmbH

Stephan has outstanding expertise in rubber removal and recently partnered with Aebi Schmidt Group. He will present insights into latest rubber removal and demarking technology and the advantages of the cooperation with Aebi Schmidt.

Internal Speakers

Rudi Rosenkamp

Rudi Rosenkamp
CCO Airport and Dealers | Aebi Schmidt Group

Rudi has been with the Aebi Schmidt Group for more than 33 years and it is no coincidence that he has been in charge of the strategically most important airport division since the reorganization three years ago. He knows the needs and demands, especially the differences, of airports around the world. Thanks to his extensive experience, he knows like no other not only what the goal is, but also the consequences of it. Rudi will lead through the event and of course present individual highlights himself.

Henning Schröder

Henning Schröder
Chief Product Officer | Aebi Schmidt Group

Henning has spent his entire career in the automotive industry, based in different global regions. He knows the processes and stumbling blocks from the depths of practice. In his function he is responsible for the strategic product roadmap including the digitalisation of products and services. On both topics Henning will tell and demonstrate what is already possible today and what can be expected from Aebi Schmidt in the future.