Key topics

Autonomous Driving

The topic of autonomous driving is undoubtedly top in our industry. However, it is a topic that is associated with a lot of uncertainty and setbacks, while it offers truly great opportunities. We show you on the screen as well as on the surface what you can expect from us, how we assess the influencing factors and what we have learned from the projects we have carried out in the past years. External partners will present their experiences and, in particular, will shed light on the legal situation and the main issues we have to expect in the coming years.


Opportunities through digitalisation and data management


Collecting data has become easy in the meantime – technically at least. Through the acquisition of a company specializing in data management for over two decades, we at the Aebi Schmidt Group have acquired quite a deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to simplifying processes and procedures with the help of data. See it live and learn from external partners who will contribute their own experience. And yes, we will also show you in an unadorned way what didn’t work as well as we had expected – so that you can be sure not to start your own project from zero.


Innovative Services and Products


Finally, we do not want to withhold from you the innovations that are already available or that we will be able to offer shortly. Not everything comes from us. On the contrary, we are clearly committed to partnerships with companies that are leaders in their field. Sometimes we develop things further so that they are perfectly matched to our products, but sometimes we simply bring two things together as they are. And of course we will give you an insight into the topics you can expect from us in the coming years.



TimeminAgenda ItemSpeakers
08:30 Event Registration and Coffee Bar
10:15 15' Welcome & Introduction Barend Fruithof (CEO, Aebi Schmidt Group),
Rudi Rosenkamp (CCO Dealer/Airports, Aebi Schmidt Group)
10:30 30' Field Report and Q&A:
Project «Smart Fleet», Stuttgart Airport
Martin Hofmann (Head of Aviation Controlling, IT & Business Air Cargo, Stuttgart Airport)
11:00 30' Field Report and Q&A:
Challenges and Priorities of Vnukovo Airport
Leonid Shipil (Director of Airfield Complex, Vnukovo International Airport)
11:30 60' Joint presentation, Panel Discussion and Q&A:
The road to autonomous drive on airports
Linus Josefsson (KAM and R&D Manager Industry Segment, CPAC Systems AB), Theresia Winkler-Flügel (Target Group Manager Airport, Aebi Schmidt Group)
Theresia and Linus will be joined by further experts during the panel discussion.
12:30 Buffet Lunch
13:30 60' Product demonstrations
14:45 60' Joint presentation and Q&A:
How data management can support airport operations
Peter van de Linde (Fleetmanager Operations, Schiphol Group), John Maree (Digital Solutions Manager, Aebi Schmidt Group)
15:45 Coffee Break
16:15 20' Aebi Schmidt Airport Equipment:
General outlook, focus on Schmidt, MB and electrification
Henning Schröder (CPO, Aebi Schmidt Group)
16:35 15' Insights into latest rubber removal & demarking technology Stephan Smets (Sales/Technical Director and Shareholder, Smets Technology GmbH), Goran Jandreoski (Technical Coordinator, TAV Airports Macedonia)
16:50 10' Aebi Schmidt Services and After Sales Burkhard Ditsche (Chief After Sales Officer, Aebi Schmidt Group)
17:00 20' Market Insight Session Interactive session with participation of audience
17:20 15' Final Q&A
17:35 10' Wrap-up & Closing Notes Rudi Rosenkamp (CCO Dealer/Airports, Aebi Schmidt Group)
17:45 End of experience day
19:00 Start Apéritif & Dinner


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