Welcome to the Airport Professionals Experience Day

As an airport professional, you know better than many others that anyone who wants to break new ground has to leave old paths behind. Among other things, breaking new ground means developing solutions even more dedicated than ever before to optimize the every day performance. With the Aebi Schmidt Group, you are in the best of hands on this path and you can trust a partner which understands your needs.


Since we are firmly convinced that you can benefit more from practical on-site demonstrations and professional presentations and field reports than if you joined us at a conventional trade fair stand, we have decided to launch the Airport Professionals Experience Day to which you are cordially invited.


When we say experience day, we mean it! The focus of the event will be on live demonstrations and field reports, which will directly refer to practical applications and experience, not just theoretical approaches. We want to offer a framework in which you can participate interactively. We want to invite you for a dialogue instead of just letting you listen. And yes, perhaps the programme will not go quite as planned. But as an airport professional, you are well versed in dealing with such situations - so we will do our best to do the same.


We’re looking forward to a professional and lively event which offers enough room for discussions among experts.